Mrs. Gitten

Welcome to 7th Grade ELA !

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Welcome to 7th grade English! I am looking forward to a positive and productive year together in which you will grow as a reader, writer, and thinker.

This website is designed to help you keep organized and to help you access materials whenever you need them! Use the calendar tab to check out due dates, print out class materials, and to see what's coming up.


Throughout the year, we will engage in reading and writing workshop experiences centered on various units of study. Each workshop will focus on the skills and strategies necessary to be fluent readers, skillful writers, and critical thinkers. 

Reading Workshops:                                                                                         Writing Workshops:       
Informational Text                                                                                                 Argumentation
Fiction                                                                                                                        Literary Analysis
Drama                                                                                                                        Character Analysis
Poetry                                                                                                                        Reader's Response
Novella                                                                                                                      Reflection
Independent Novel                                                                                                Creative Writing
*Workshops are subject to change.  Remember: writing assignments, unit assessments, journal entries, independent Book of the Month, classwork, and homework are major parts of your overall class grade!


"The most certain way to succeed is to just try one more time" - Thomas Edison